热爱摇滚的你,听说过北极猴乐队吗?他们的故事现在在英国已经是家喻户晓了--一切都从身为两位High Green(Sheffield外围)地区老师之子的Alex Turner在2002年拎了把吉他,决定和同校同学一起组团开始,这个乐团的成员除了Alex外,还包括有吉他手Jamie Cook、鼓手Matt Helders以及贝斯手Andy Nicholson。当他们的首张专辑《就是屌Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not》终于在2006年1月问世时,这张专辑很快地被奉为经典之作,其中产生了两首全英冠军单曲,并且成为英国榜上有史以来销售速度最快的艺人/乐团首张专辑,在各种杂志刊物像是NME、卫报The Guardian以及太阳报The Sun…等等的年终排行上,都被读者票选为最佳专辑。2007年2月,这张专辑更为北极猴乐队攫获两座全英音乐奖Brit Awards。在和颇负盛名的摇滚制作人Jim Abbiss(制作过卡萨比恩乐团Kasabian、魅影DJ DJ Shadow以及百忧解乐团Placebo的专辑)合作了《就是屌》专辑之后,北极猴乐队在第二张专辑的创作风格上转了个弯,请到原本在第一张专辑一开始就与他们合作过、但合作成果未能公诸于世的James Ford(他以Simian名义发表的〈We Are Your Friends〉和北极猴乐队的作品并列为英国舞厅里最受欢迎的热门歌曲)以及Mike Crossey来共同合作。据悉,从2008年起他们开始着手准备第三张专辑,我们期待更好的作品问世!

Intro -"I bet you look good on the dancefloor"

What a beat, huh? Yesterday we covered the Killers, and today, we're going to take a look at a band that rose about the same period and somewhat falls under the same category as the Killers. Yes, just in case you still aren't recognizing them, they are the Arctic Monkeys.

It was Christmas 2001. Two 15 year old boys by the names of Alex Turner and Jamie Cook received Christmas presents that would change their life: guitars. The boys who lived neighboring each other in Sheffield England started learning the instrument. As their interest grew, they decided to form a band. Being school boys at the time, they called in schoolmates Andy Nicholson and Matt Helders, with friend Glyn Jones as lead singer, they formed the rudiment of the band we hear today.

Luckily, their solution was music, they started writing their own songs, but to the lead singer Glyn Jones, they were just a gang of kids messing around because they were bored. It is for that same reason, Glyn left the group for the lack of dedication, the rest of the boys kept on with their pursuits.

Music - "Fluorescent Adolescent"

The Arctic Monkeys kept their indie spirit and making singles to sell on CDs and online from iTunes, making smaller scaled successes. In 2005, eventually, they signed to Domino records an indie record label, but not under tremendous commercial makeovers, the band was attracted to the "DIY ethic" of Domino, who gave a lot of spaces for the band to develop. This was later proven to be an alternative way for indie bands nowadays to succeed.

Their first single with Domino "I bet you look good on the dance floor" , the song we listened at the beginning of the show, went straight to #1 on the UK Singles Chart. Their second single with Domino went straight to #1 on the UK Singles Chart as well, which is the song we're listening now "When the sun goes down".

Music - "when the sun goes down"

Music wise, the Arctic Monkeys were hugely influenced by former glories such as: The Beatles, The Clash, The Smiths, The Jam, but individually their socially realistic songs represent the modern approach to independence. Now that their work tends to feature less social commentary and not to centre around Sheffield, they have their eyes on the whole world, and there's no reason to think these young talents won't take their art to an even higher level.

Ending music - "Crying Lighting"

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