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First class not for New York 一等舱不到纽约去
小学生英文幽默故事(二):Mike walks into a pet shop and sees a little white dog. He asks the shopkeeper,"Does your dog bite?"The shopkeeper says,"No, my dog doesn't bite.""What a nice dog,"Mike says to himself.
小学生英文幽默故事(一): Tim is a naughty boy. He often fights with his classmates at school. One day, Tim comes home with a bloody nose. His mother asks,"Tim, what happened?","A big kid bit me."Tim answers.
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读幽默、学英语:美刊Reader's Digest每期必设幽默小段栏,并“美其名日”:Laughter,The Best Medicine。对中国读者言,读幽默,除了“thebest medicine”这层意义之外,尚可视之为洞察西方文化风情、世态炎凉的一扇风景绝佳的窗户;一位辅习英语,磨砺语感的良师益友。
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One day, Mr. Lion holds a party. Many animals come and drink a lot of wine. At last there is a pot of wine. Who can drink it? They drink out an idea and decide to have a match-Draw a snake. If you finish first, you can get it.
Tom is a very old man. After dinner, he likes walking in the street. And he goes to bed at seven o’clock.
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Mother asks her son, “Jim, if you have ten candies, and you eat four, then how many candles do you have?”
Mr. Jones had a few days’ holiday, so he said, “I’m going to go to the mountains by train.”
A teacher asked her class: "Is the sentence ' The ox and the cow are in the fields' correct?"
eacher: Johnny, why are you late for school every morning?