商务英语口语每日会刊NO.78 :1.Q:What are your salary expectations? 你对薪水有什么要求?A:Shall we discuss my responsibilities with your company first? I think salary is closely related to the responsibilities of the job.
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.79 :1.Q:What range of pay-scale are you interested in?你喜欢那一种薪水层次标准?A:The salary I should require would be 60,000 a year, plus 1% commission on all sales.关于薪金,要求年薪六万元,同时希望获得售价1%的分红。
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.80 :1.申请休假:Wouldn't it be possible for me to take the day off this Friday?这个星期五,我是否可以休一天假?请休假用take the day off。如果是两天以上就用days off。
BEC中高级考试高分必背词汇A-I:BEC考试词汇 :A :abroad adv. 在国外,出国,广泛流传 absence n. 缺席,离开 absent adj. 不在,不参与 absenteeism n. (经常性)旷工,旷职 absorb v. 吸收,减轻(冲击、困难等)作用或影响
BEC中高级考试高分必背词汇J-O:J :job n. 工作 job description 工作说明,职务说明 *job lot n. 一次生产的部分或少数产品 job mobility 工作流动 job rotation 工作轮换 job satisfaction 工作的满意感(自豪感)
商务英语复习资料:信函写作---补偿贸易:On careful examination, we find everything satisfactory except for the stitches 1 , which are not what we expected. We attribute 2 this shortcoming to the old type of sewing machine used by your manufacturers.
商务英语:商务书信写作小技巧:不管你身居要职还是一员小兵,不管你身处哪个行业,在工作中,你都不可避免地接触到taking notes和writing business letters。Informal language is often used when taking messages, because most of them are short notes for our convenience.所以taking notes相对来说还是比较简单的。
考前必看:商务英语BEC小作文精选:The two bar charts illustrate the changes in the wheat production and the average prices between 1990 and 2000 in a European country.
BEC中高级考试高分必背词汇P-R:P :p.a.(=per annum) n. 每年 packaging n. 包装物;包装 parent company n. 母公司,总公司 part-time adj. 部分时间工作的,业余的 participate v. 参加,分享 (in) partnership n. 合伙(关系),合伙,合伙企业 patent n. 专利
BEC中高级考试高分必背词汇S-Z:S :sack v. 解雇 sales force 销售人员 sample n. 样品 ;v. 试验;抽样检验 *saturation n. (市场的)饱和(状态) saturate v. 饱和 save v. 节省,储蓄 savings n. 存款 scale n. 刻度,层次
商务英语(BEC)中级考试应试技巧:听力:听力考试总长度为12分钟,重复播放两次 。结束时有10分钟供考生把答案写入答题卡上。听力考试共分三个部分:第一部分是根据三篇短小的电话录音填空。填的内容主要是单词、数字。这部分主要考查考生捕捉具体信息的能力。录音内容主要是询价、订货、邀请、要求、提意见、计划、定座、安排及对要求和安排的确认等。
新东方商务英语BEC中级口语精选讲义(二):How to answer questions :Example question: What determines the price of a product? Example answer:
新东方商务英语BEC中级口语精选讲义(三):Ⅰ. Conversation : PART 1: Exchange personal information. This part aims to prepare the candidate for phase .
新东方商务英语BEC中级口语精选讲义(四):Ⅰ Tongue Twister:1. Good cookies could be cooked by good cook if a good cook could cook good cookies.2. If you understand, say understand. If you don't understand, say don't understand.
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.81 :1.提议:I think we need to buy a new projection apparatus.我想我们需要买一台新投影仪。说出上句之前,必须说明our projection apparatus has broken down again. 投影仪又出毛病了以作为提案的依据。
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.82 :1.太晚了没有出租车了。 Chinese style: It was so late there was no taxi. American style: It was so late that there was no taxi available.
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.83 :1.谁做的色拉? Chinese style: Who cooked this salad ? American style: Who made this salad ?
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.84 :1.小偷是从窗户进来的。 Chinese style: The thief got in from the window. American style: The thief got in through the window.
新东方商务英语BEC中级口语精选讲义(五):Ⅰ Conversation:PART 1: Exchange personal information .This part aims to prepare the candidate for phase .