商务英语初级模拟试题及答案七:1. Listening Listen to the phone call about the supply of some office shelving systems. As you listen fill in the missing information on the specification sheet.
商务英语初级模拟试题及答案八:在下列课文片段中填入遗漏的词。When selling products online and shipping them sight-unseen, a certain ___ 1_ __ of returns is inevitable. In fact, they're also inevitable at brick-and-mortar stores,
商务英语口试指导:电话用语:1.Call me back please 请给我回电话: A:Could you have her call me back, please? B:No problem. I will let her know. A:你能让她给我回个电话吗? B:没问题,我会告诉她的。
商务英语综合辅导:给老板打电话:Calling your boss from outside: A: Good morning, Mr. Johnson’s office. Cindy speaking. B: Hi, Cindy. It’s Michael Kurt. Is Mr. Johnson in? A: No, I’m sorry, Mr. Kurt. He’s stepped out for a bit. Would you like me to have him call you?
商务英语综合辅导:电话报喜:Good news over the phone: A: Hi, is this Rich? B: Yeah, who’s calling? A: It’s Alex… Have I got some great news! We got the Baker account. It’s all ours! B: Fantastic! I can’t believe it! That’s the biggest account we’ve gotten so far!
商务英语综合辅导:电话报忧:Bad news over the phone: A: Rachel? This is John Emory speaking. B: Yes, Mr. Emory? A: I’ve got some bad news. All the plans sent over to the McGrath Corporation have been rejected. We’re going to have to start from scratch.
商务英语综合辅导:电话充值:Helen: Hello, this is Real English from BBC Learning English, I’m Helen. Zo: 还有我,刘佳。 Helen: In Real English, we look at words and phrases that you might not find in your dictionary. Zo: 那Helen, 我们今天要学的新词是什么呢?
商务英语综合辅导:热线电话:Helen: Welcome to Real English from BBC Learning English. I’m Helen .Liu Jia: 欢迎收听BBC英国广播公司的地道英语,我是刘佳。Helen: Today we’re going to look at words and phrases that have recently become part of the English language.
商务实战:如何表达你要挂断电话:大致分为以下几种情况:1、如果打电话的人非常熟悉,可以说一句来结束通话。Is there anything else I can do for you?还有什么我可以帮忙的吗?
商务英语辅导:英语会议上表态常用语:在会议上如何表示你的对问题、观点的态度?下面这些句型可供您借鉴。表示同意,例如:I think you're right. 表示非常赞同,例如:Absolutely. I think that's a fantastic idea.
商务英语辅导:英语会议结束常用语:1.总结会议结果用语:The opinions presented so far may be summarized as follows:...目前为止,意见小结如下:In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, I would point out that,although we have made gratifying progress, many still remains to be done.
商务英语综合辅导:商务会议:Listen to the dialogue between the Company President and Head of Marketing. HM: So what do you think about the invitation to speak at the conference in October? P: I think it’s a great opportunity. 
商务英语口试指导:小组会议:1.Call to remind 打电话提醒 :A: Jean, before the meeting, could you call to remind the attendees? B: Okay. I'll call each one of them.A:珍,开会前打电话提醒参加会议的人好吗?B:好,我会给每个人打电话的。
商务英语口试指导:客户会议:1.Count on your company 依靠贵公司:A: We are having serious issues with this program. We are counting on your company to help. B: That is what we are here for. Let's get right to the issues.
商务英语综合辅导:报告进度:Reporting a progress:A: Mrs. Reynolds? This is Martin Gross calling. B: Hi, Martin. What can I do for you? A: Well, I’ve got the spread sheets you asked for, but I’m still waiting on some data from accounting. 
商务英语辅导:调查报告示例相关的短语:brand awareness 品牌知名度:这是个广告的专业用语,指消费者对某项产品的认识。"Awareness"由"aware"变化而来,后者为形容词,有“知晓;注意到”的意思。"Brand",‘牌子、商标’。
商务英语辅导:调查报告示例相关的句型:● 广告的目标 1. Our main goal is to establish brand awareness among our target audience. 2. Our main purpose is to establish brand awareness among our target audience.
商务英语口试指导:工作报告会:1.Briefing on Finance 财务简报:A: What is the meeting for? B: It's a briefing on finance of the company. A:这个会是为什么开的? B:是公司的财务汇报。
商务英语写作必背50句(一):1.According to a recent survey ,four-million people die each year from diseases linked to smoking. 依照最近的一项调查,每年有4,000,000人死于与吸烟相关的疾病。