2008年商务英语听力辅导:BEC中级听力第四课时:1) descriptive a. complaint: make, confirm product quality 产品质量 b. appointment/meeting/invitation: make, confirm 时间/事件 change 先道歉 推迟(postpone) 取消(cancel) 细节变动 confirm 先道谢
2008年商务英语听力辅导:BEC中级听力第三课时:fire, dismiss 开除 resign, quit, leave, resignation 离职 pre-sales, after sales Customer Services 客户服务部 interest become interested in sth. arouse one's interest in sth. installation 组装 Accountancy 财会部门 记录帐目
2008年商务英语听力辅导:BEC中级听力第二课时:1 NUMBERS 1 日期: the first of October, October the first, October first the 27th of July the 18th of June Sep. the 12th Sep. the 15th May the sixteenth Amsterdam 阿姆斯特丹 Weather Report 天气预报
2008年商务英语听力辅导:BEC中级听力第一课时:第一课时 开场白:考试简介: 三部分,30题,30分钟听题,10分钟誊写。 Part One: 填空题:Words, Numbers Part Two: 搭配题:大意+推测 Part Three: 选择题:大意+细节+推测
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.24:我是转学生。 I'm a transfer student. 我来搞定她。 I'll get her. 你明白我的意思吗? Are you with me here?
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.25:开始的时候,我没在意这事儿。 I thought nothing of it at first. 那值得一试。 It is worth a shot.
商务英语写作:经贸常用词缩写表(A):A.A.R = against all risks 担保全险,一切险 A.B.No. = Accepted Bill Number 进口到单编号 A/C = Account 账号 AC. = Acceptance 承兑 acc = acceptance,accepted 承兑,承诺 a/c.A/C = account 帐,帐户 ackmt = acknowledgement 承认,收条[/color]
商务英语写作:经贸常用词缩写表(B):B/-,b/- = bale,bag 包,装 bal.,balce. = balance 余额 bbl. = barrel 桶,樽 B/C = bill for collection 托收票据 B.D. = Bills discounted 贴现票据 B/D = bank draft 银行汇票 b/d = brought down 承前页
商务英语写作:经贸常用词缩写表(C):C/- = case,currency,coupon 箱,通货,息票 c. =cent,centimes,centigrade 分(美),分(法),百分度(寒暑表) C.A. = Credit Advice 收款报单 C.A.D. = cash against documents on arrival of good货到后凭单付款 c.a.d. = cash against documents 凭单证付现金 
商务英语写作:经贸常用词缩写(D)、(E):D/A =documents against acceptance, 承兑后交付单 = documents for acceptance, = documents attached, 备承兑单据 = deposit account 存款账号 d/a = days after acceptance 承兑后……日付款 D.A. = Debit advice 付款报单
商务英语写作:经贸常用词缩写(F):f.a.q.=fair average quality 良好平均品质 f.a.s.=free alongside ship 船边交货价 F.B.E.=foreign bill of exchange 国外汇票 f.c.l.=full container load 整个集装箱装满 f.d.free discharge 卸货船方不负责 F.& D.=Freight and Demurrage 运费及延装费
商务英语写作:经贸常用词缩写(G)、(H):g=good,goods,gramme 佳,货物,一克 G/A=general average 共同海损 GATT=General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 关税贸易总协定 gm.=gramme 一克 g.m.b.=good merchantable brand品质良好适合买卖之货品 g.m.q.=good merchantable quality良好可售品质
商务英语写作:经贸常用词缩写(Q)、(R):qlty=quality品质  qr=quarter四分之一 qty=quantity数量  quotn=quotation报价单  qy=quay码头
商务英语写作:经贸常用词缩写(S)-(V):S.A.=-Statement of Account账单 s.a.=subject to approval以承认(赞成,批准)为条件 S/C=sale contract售货合同 S/D=sight draft即期汇票 S/D=sea damage海水损害 SD.=Sundries杂项 SE.=Securities抵押品 S/N=shipping note装运通知
商务英语写作:经贸常用词缩写(W)-(Z):w.a.=with average水渍险(单独海损赔偿) war=with risk担保一切险 W/B=way bill warehouse book货运单,仓库簿 wgt=weight重量 whf=wharf码头 W/M=weight or measurement重量或容量 w.p.a.=with particular average单独海损赔偿
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.26: 你还在对那件事耿耿于怀?You're still making a big deal about it? 你真是幸运。God is shining on you.
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.27:expect sb. to so sth.  普通句:I would expect him to be the kind of person. 我期望他成为那种人。  次级高手句:I would expect him to be the kind of person, who is loving. 我期望他成为那种有爱心的人。
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.28:no more... than... 普通句:I'm no more than an expert than Linda.我和Linda一样都不是什么专家。 次级高手句:I'm no more than an expert on dating than Linda.我和Linda一样都不是什么约会高手。
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.29:manage to do sth.  普通句:I managed to get in contact.我成功地取得了联系。  次级高手句:I managed to get in contact with the lady.我成功地同那位女士取得了联系。
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.30:come up with... 想起…… 普通句:I just come up with a story.我想起了一个故事。 次级高手句:I just come up with an old story.我刚想起一个古老的故事。