商务英语口语每日会刊NO.17: 我们结束了。 I'm done with you.  算你走运! Lucky you.  事情会过去的。 We'll get through this.
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.18: 你能听我说会儿吗? May I borrow your ears just for a minute? 马上就来。(服务员在客人点单之后说的)Coming right off.
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.19:问题解决了! Problem solved. 我请求你为我指明正确的方向。 I'm simply asking you to point me in the right direction.
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.20:你竟敢在老师的眼皮子底下看小说? How can you dare to read a novel under the teacher's nose? under one's nose 在某人眼皮子底下 我们的生活原来充满巧合。 It turned out our lives were riddled with coincidences.
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.21: Company logo 公司标志: A:I need to send a fax. Do you have a cover page with company logo? B:Yes. There is a stack of them by the fax machine.  A:我要发个传真,你有带公司标志的传真扉页吗?  B:有,传真机旁边有一沓。
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.22: 我这次要慢慢来。 I'll go slow this time.  我睡过头了。 I overslept.  她变心了。 She had had a change of heart.
商务英语口语每日会刊NO.23: 疼死啦! It hurts like hell!  你看上去帅呆了。 You look like a million dollars.  少跟我来这套。 Don't give me that.
实用商务英语综合辅导:主持会议:句型总结●  问候大家:1. Good morning everyone. 2. Welcome everyone. 3. I'd like to welcome each of you to this morning's meeting.与会者到齐之后,主持人(最先发言者)应向大家问候一声。"welcome"、"good morning"都是实用的问候语。
实用商务英语综合辅导:总结会议:句型总结●  讨论结束:1. That wraps up the last item on the agenda. 2. That takes care of the last order of business. 3. That concludes the final order of business.
新东方商务英语初级口语素材---办公室自动化:Lesson Nine 办公自动化(Office Automation) Talking about hardware:I’d like to buy a computer with up-to-date components.  I’m afraid this software is not compatible with the main board.
新东方商务英语初级口语素材---工作之余:Lesson Seven工作之余  (after-work entertainments, choosing and developing topics of conversation) : Introducing topics/agendas  I’m glad to bump into you. I wanted to ask you about…  While we’re on the subject…
新东方商务英语初级口语素材---工作面试:Lesson Eight 工作面试 (Job interview) About education :What is your education background?  I graduated from Peking University.  I attended New Oriental School for its spoken English courses in 2003.  
新东方商务英语初级口语素材---制定日程:Lesson Four 制定日程 (setting agenda for meetings, travel and events) : Making appointment  I’m calling to make an appointment with you for next Monday.  I wonder if it would be convenient to meet you tomorrow.  
新东方商务英语初级口语素材---更多了解:Lesson Two 更多了解(Effective Question and Answer Techniques) : Greetings  Good morning/afternoon/evening.  How are you doing?  How’s everything going?  How have you been?  What have you been up to lately?  
新东方商务英语初级口语素材---自我介绍:Lesson One自我介绍 (Self-Introduction) : Welcoming  On behalf of …, I’m very glad to welcome you…  It’s a pleasure to see you here.  Welcome to…  Thank you for coming all this way.  Self Introduction
2008年商务英语听力辅导:BEC中级听力第九课时:You will hear a discussion about in-company courses (courses given inside a company) and outside courses (courses given outside a company). Choose the correct ending for each of the sentences ( 23 ? 30 ).
2008年商务英语听力辅导:BEC中级听力第八课时:You will hear the chairman of a business institute making a speech about new business awards that that his institute has sponsored. For each question(23-30), mark one letter (A, B or C) for the correct answer.
2008年商务英语听力辅导:BEC中级听力第七课时:1 特点:(1)一人独白:目的:说明/说服 (2)要点--考题 2 应对:(1)主动地听 (2)把握说话人的结构:
2008年商务英语听力辅导:BEC中级听力第六课时:I 分类 对白、独白、谈话 II Interview 1 特点:(1)两人访谈,一问一答     (2)提问--考题   2 应对:(1)重视提问    (2)重视提示词: a 转折词:but, yet, however, nevertheless
2008年商务英语听力辅导:BEC中级听力第五课时:you will hear another five short pieces. For each piece, decide what the speaker is trying to do. Write one letter ( A ? H ) next to the number of the piece. You will hear the five pieces twice.