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阐明:要求阐明即你不明白某人发给你的某些信息,要求对方解释一下 常用句型:Which… do you mean? 你所指的是哪个……? 经典范文:Subject: Order number 12345
确认邮件:确认邮件主要用来确认你已经决定并已通知别人的事情。从许多方面上说,此类邮件就是一种提醒。 常用句型:This is to confirm that… 在此确认…… 经典范文:Subject: New policies
外贸英语大全-常用信用证英语宝典5: Overriding credit 母证 Banker's Acceptance L/C 银行承兑信用证 Trade Acceptance L/C 商业承兑信用证 Red Clause L/C 红条款信用证
托福写作话题词汇-科学研究篇(三):resistant a. 抵抗的,有抵抗力的;抗…的 搭配 be resistant to 对…有抵抗力;acid resistant 抗酸的 例句 1. The scientists aimed to develop more pest-resistant crops which are genetically designed to be unattractive to pests.
外贸英语900句之 品质Quality (二):This is a quality product. 这是一种高质量的产品。 Those overcoats are of good quality and nice colour. 这批大衣质量高、成色好。 Our quartz technique is well known in the world, and we believe our watches are of fine quality.
情景对话:Jason:Are you ready to quote the item? Dora:Yes, we have made it ready for you.常用词汇:1.basis n. 基础 2.confirmation n. 确认
商务英语900句——给客户报价:买方询问报价是否做好 卖方向买方报价 买方询问发盘的有效期 买方请求延长有效期Would you mind if I want you to extend your offer for 5 days longer?希望你可以将贵方的发盘有效期延长5天。
商务英语核心词汇:objective n.目标adj.客观的 The manager has clearly explained the strategy and the objective he wants us to achieve. 经理清楚地阐明了他想要我们实现的战略和目标。
商务英语核心词汇:natural adj.自然的,天然的 Each nation is endowed with certain natural resources, some of which can be developed for the benefit of the people. 每个国家都有特定的自然资源,其中一些可以开发来造福人民。
商务英语核心词汇:moderate v.缓和adj.温和的 A moderate increase in both investment and consumption will play an active role in stimulating the market. 适度地增加投资和提高消费水平对刺激市场将起到积极作用。
外贸英语大全-常用信用证英语宝典4: L/C amount 信用证金额 L/C number 信用证号码 to open by airmail 信开 to open by cable 电开 to open by brief cable 简电开证
外贸英语900句之 品质Quality (一) : The goods are available in different qualities. 此货有多种不同的质量可供。 Nothing wrong will happen, so long as the quality of your article is good. 只要商品质量可靠,就不会发生差错。
公告或通知:通知通常是用来告知员工一些与他们全体或大部分人有关的事情 常用句型:To all members of the… 致……的全体员工…… 经典范文:Subject: Departmental meeting
索取资讯:索要资讯的电邮可以很简短,但一定要有礼貌。如果需要索取的信息很多应将其逐条列出并编号。 常用句型:I would like to know… 我想了解…… 经典范文:Subject: Pollution check
传达坏消息:坏消息从来都不受欢迎,因此,最好是以一种委婉、哀伤或是懊悔的语气来传达。 常用句型:We regret to announce that… 我们很遗憾地宣布…… 经典范文:Subject: Staff reductions
外贸英语大全-常用信用证英语宝典3:This letter of credit expires on 15th July. 这张信用证7月15日到期。The validity of the L/C will be extended to 30th August. 信用证的有效期将延至8月30日。
情景对话:Daisy:I'll regret to tell you that your required product is out of stockfor the time being.“for the time being”是“暂时”的意思。“for the moment ”也有“暂时”的意思。 常用词汇:discount n. 折扣
商务英语900句——正式询盘:发送询价单,请求报价 有可能无货,或无法理解询盘 告知对方明确的询盘信息Would you please tell me what discount you will give us if we place a long-term order. 你能否告诉我,如果我们长期订货,你能给我们多少折扣?
外贸英语900句之 价格 Price (五):I can give you a definite answer on the price terms. 我可以就价格条件答复你方。 You wish to have a discussion of the price terms of washers. 您是想谈谈洗衣机的价格条件吧。  Yes, all of the price terms are acceptable. 是的,哪种价格条件都可以接受的。
商务英语核心词汇:mediator n.调停者,斡旋者 The primary requirements of a good mediator are in being seen as an independent and open minded sounding board. 对优秀斡旋者的根本要求就是必须思维独立、见解开阔并能成为双方沟通的桥梁。