外贸英语900句之 商品检验 Commodity Inspection (二) : Where do you wish to reinspect the goods? 您希望在哪里复验商品? The importers have the right to reinspect the goods after their arrival.  进口商在货到后有权复验商品。
外贸英语大全——机械类常用英语:实验与试验用语:air permeability test 透气性试验 austenitic steel 沃斯田铁钢 Brinell hardness 布氏硬度 Brinell hardness test 布氏硬度试验charpy impact test 夏比冲击试验 conical cup test 圆锥杯突试验
外贸英语900句之 商品检验 Commodity Inspection (一) :  Shall we take up the question of inspection today?今天咱们讨论商品检验问题吧。  The inspection of commodity is no easy job.  商检工作不是那么简单。
外贸英语大全——杂项: 3D coordinate measurement 三次元量床 3D modeling 三次元模拟  aberration 色差 abnormal glow 不规则辉光放电 abrasive 砂轮 access 通路 account 帐户 accretion 炉瘤 accurate die casting 精密压铸 acid converter 酸性转炉
外贸英语900句之付款 Payment Terms (三): Please protect our draft on presentation.  请见票即付。  Your draft will be honoured on presentation. 你方的汇票见票即付。  The draft was discounted in New York.   汇票已经在纽约贴现。
BEC写作小站:你一定要会的英文句子(四):31.Consumers can buy diverse goods through the e-commerce platform, such as Tmall and Amazon, etc. 消费者可以通过诸如天猫、亚马逊等电子商务平台买到各种各样的商品。
外贸英语大全-业务与贸易关连用语英汉对照:accept order 接受订货 account 帐户 after service 售后服务 amendment 修正 annual sales 年销售额 at sight 见票即付 balance 余额 bank draft 汇票
BEC写作小站:你一定要会的英文句子(三) : 21.Our company has maintained long-term trade contacts with many American companies. 我们公司和许多美国公司保持着长期的贸易来往。 22.Credit cards provide consumers with a flexible and convenient way of paying for goods.信用卡为消费者提供了一种灵活而方便的购物支付方式。
外贸英语大全-机械类常用英语:加工方法: barrel 滚筒(加工) bending 波纹加工 broaching 拉刀切削 centering 定中心 cutting 切削 cylindrical lathe cutting 外圆车削 electric discharge machine 放电加工 electrolytic grinding 电解研磨
外贸英语900句之 付款 Payment Terms (一) :  Payment is to be effected (made) before the end of this month.  这个月末以前应该付款。  It's convenient to make payment in pound sterling.  用英镑付款较方便。
外贸英语大全-机械设计及周边其他用语英汉对照:assembly drawing 装配图 auto tool change cycle 自动换刀时间周期 beam 横梁 bending moment 弯矩 bending stress 弯曲应力 bottoming 底靠 buckling 纵弯曲 chamfering 去角斜切
BEC写作小站:你一定要会的英文句子(二) : 11.Our latest products perfectly blend fashion with utility. 我们的最新产品完美地将时尚和实用融合在一起。 12.High interest rates can work as a brake on the economy's excessive growth. 高利率可以限制经济的过快增长。
外贸英语900句之合同 Contract(三) :  The contract comes into effect today, we can't go back on our word now.  合同已于今日生效,我们不能反悔了   Once the contract is approved by the Chinese government, it is legally binding upon both parties.  合同一经中国政府批准,对双方就有了法律约束力。
BEC写作小站:你一定要会的英文句子:1.Now it is quite convenient for market players to gain access to market prices through the Internet, or just a text message. 现在商家通过因特网或者一条短信息就可以很方便地了解市场信息。
外贸英语大全-机械类常用英语:钢材类:alloy tool steel 合金工具钢 aluminium alloy 铝合金钢bearing alloy 轴承合金 blister steel 浸碳钢bonderized steel sheet 邦德防蚀钢板 carbon tool steel 碳素工具钢 clad sheet 被覆板 clod work die steel 冷锻模用钢emery 金钢砂 ferrostatic pressure 钢铁水静压力
外贸英语900句之 合同 Contract (二): Look at this contract.  请看这份合同。  These are two originals of the contract we prepared.  这是我们准备好的两份合同正本。  We enclose our sales contract No.45 in duplicate.  附上我们第45号销售合同一式两份。
外贸英语大全- 产地证表述: Certificate of Origin 产地证 1.certificate of origin of China showing 中国产地证明书 stating 证明 evidencing 列明specifying 说明 indicating 表明 declaration of 声明
外贸英语900句之 合同 Contract (一) : We'll have the contract ready for signature. 我们应准备好合同待签字。  We signed a contract for medicines.  我们签订了一份药品合同。  Mr. Zhang sings the contract on behalf of the China National Silk Import & Export Corporation.  
外贸英语大全-汇票有关词汇:absolute acceptance决定承兑 accepting bank承兑银行 ACCEPTING CHARGE 承兑费 AT (60) DYAS SIGHT见票(60)天后付款 AFTER SIGHT 见票即付 BILL OF EXCHANGE 汇票 DEMAND BILL 即期汇票
外贸英语900句之 包装 Packing(四) :On the outer packing, please mark wording, "Handle with Care".  在外包装上请标明"小心轻放"字样。  Every 100 dozen should be packed in a wooden case marked TM and numbered from No. 1 upward. 每100打装一箱,刷上唛头TM,从第一号开始往上循序编号。