商务英语口试必备手册 Marketing 市场营销 Advertising 广告

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商务英语口试必备手册 Marketing 市场营销 Advertising 广告

Online marketing 网上营销

Internet (net/online) advertising  网络广告

Target audience 销售对象,目标受众

Broadcast media 广告媒体

Print media 印刷媒体

Media selection 媒体选择

Poster 海报

Billboard 广告牌

Outdoor displays 户外广告

Direct mail 直接邮寄广告

Informative advertising 通知性广告

Persuasive advertising 说服性广告

Reminder advertising 提醒性广告

Lead time (产品)从决定生产(或开始设计)到实际投产(或完成生产所间隔的时间;从订货到交货的间隔时间

Classified section (报纸的)分类广告栏

Recall rate 回忆率

Banner ad (网页上方呈现的) 标题广告

Pop-up ad 自动弹出广告(当你访问某些网站时自动弹出的广告)

Click 点击

Asset 优点,长处,有益的东西

Pinpoint 确认,确定

Slot (在组织、名单、程序等中的)位置


Media Selection媒体选择

One of the most important decisions in developing an advertising strategy is the media through which the ad transits the firm’s message.


The media the marketer selects must be capable of accomplishing the communications objectives of informing, persuading, and reminding potential customers of the products.


Market research should identify the target market and determine its size, geographic distribution, and demographic characteristics and then match the advertisement and the available media with the target audience.


 Finally, alternative costs should be compared to determine the best possible media purchase.


Broadcast media include television and radio.


Newspapers, magazines, outdoor advertising(such as posters and bulletins etc.) represent the major types of print media.


The internet is a new medium.


Nowadays, many companies jump to advertise on the Internet.


Internet advertising can assist in raising awareness of brands, it is most successful when combined with traditional advertising such as TV or print.




(1)      Do you think television advertising is the most effective form of advertising?(Why?/Why not?)


Yes, I think so, because television is widely-used as a means for entertainment, therefore television advertising can reach vast audiences, what’s more, television allows creative use of action, color, and sound not possible in any other medium.


(2)      Do you think the Internet is a good place for marketing a company’s products?(Why?/Why not?)


Yes, it is. With more and more people using the internet, advertisements on the internet can reach large audiences. And there is no time limit as how long an ad can stay on the computer screen.


(3)      Do you think the Internet advertising will be more important than other forms of advertising in the future?(Why?/Why not?)


Yes, it is. Internet advertising has a lack of regulation. It’s the only place where tobacco and alcohol can be advertised. And advertisers are not bound to fit into 30 or 60 second time slot as they are for TV commercials.


(4)      Will you choose a newspaper to advertise a product?(Why?/Why not?)


Yes, newspapers are well suited for immediate needs since they can run ads with little lead time, and I can choose ads of any size, from a few lines in the classified section to full pages.


PART TWOMini-presentation

What is important when…?

Aiming to increase sales of a product       要提高产品的销售量应注意哪些要点?

l  Advertising                           广告

l  Bonus for sales staff                   销售人员的奖金


When aiming to increase sales of a product, it’s important to advertise the product because advertising can inform, persuade and remind potential customers of the product. Marketers can launch an advertising campaign to attract a large number of consumers. And effective advertising can enhance consumer perceptions of quality in the product, thus encouraging customers to buy this product repeatedly.

In addition, it is also important to offer bonus for sales staff. For many companies, sales staff play an important role in selling goods or services. They help buyers satisfy their wants and needs, they know the product and can effectively communicate their knowledge to buyers face to face. So, if a company wants to increase sales, it should offer bonus for sales staff to reward their work and encourage them to make greater efforts.

Apart from these two points, I think cutting prices is also important. Cutting prices is very effective, especially when demand is low. Customers are stimulated by lower prices, and products that they previously couldn’t afford now become affordable to them.



Advertising a product

Your company has developed a new luxury toothpaste Forever. You have been asked to make recommendations as how to advertise this product. Discuss the situation together, and decide:

l  what is the target market

l  what media the company can choose in order to advertise this product



l  该产品的目标市场是什么

l  公司可以选择什么媒体为该产品进行广告宣传

A Although our forever toothpaste is of high quality and of different flavors, it is much more expensive than ordinary toothpastes, I think the advertising should aim at fashionable people.

B I agree, those low-income families would not pay a lot for a luxury toothpaste.

A it seems we hold the same opinion as to what the target market for the toothpaste should be. Now let’s consider media selection. Should we choose television advertising?

B: I think we can advertise on television. Although advertising is incredibly expensive, many young people watch a lot of television, so television advertising can target our target market.

A: What about fashion magazines? They can reach directly to our target customers and an ad in a fashion magazine is not so expensive as television advertising.

B: It is worth considering. We should also advertise our product in a fashion magazine.

A: Are there any other media that we could place our ad with?

B: Yes, fashionable people often read Sunday newspapers, so an ad in a national Sunday newspaper will be effective for advertising our product.

A: What about the Internet?

B: Net ads are found to be annoying by many people.

A: But they will be effective to reach young fashionable people. And it’s cost-effective.

B: All right, we’ll place an ad on television, in a fashion magazine, a national Sunday newspaper and on the Internet.

Follow-up questions

(1)    What do you think are the major drawbacks of television advertising?


The major drawbacks of TV advertising are the high cost and the difficulty in determining the audience that actually sees the commercials.


(2)    Do you think direct mail targets customers well?(Why?/Why not?)


Yes, because direct mail advertisers can get the mailing list of the target market either by developing or buying it.


(3)    What do you think are the advantages of magazine advertising?


Magazines offer high-quality color reproduction, which is a valuable asset in promoting products. Magazines provide a more permanent message than do the other media, since subscribers often keep their favorites in their homes or workplaces for weeks or months and pass them along to friends.


(4)    Do you think outdoor displays useful in promoting products? (Why?/ Why not?)


I think they are useful especially in high traffic areas, because they can catch passersby’s attention.


(5)    What do you think are the advantages/disadvantages of radio advertising?


Radio advertising is inexpensive and can easily pinpoint target audience. But it can’t last for long time, and messages are limited because radio relies only on the sense of hearing.


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