商务英语口试必备手册 Marketing 市场营销 Product Promotion 产品推广

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商务英语口试必备手册 Marketing 市场营销 Product Promotion 产品推广

Promotion mix 营销传播组合

Advertising 广告(总称)

Sales promotion 销售促进

Personal selling 人员推销

Public relations and publicity 公共关系与宣传

Direct marketing 直接营销

Marketer 营销人员

Target market 目标市场

Geographic distribution 地理分布

Demographic characteristics 人口特征

Free sample 免费样品

Trade shows 商业展览会

Refund 折让,折扣(购物完毕后提供减价,而不是在零售店购买时)

Rebate 折扣,回扣

Sweepstake 抽奖

Trade shows 商业展览会

Potential consumer 潜在顾客

Incentive 鼓励,奖励,刺激

Loyalty scheme 顾客忠诚计划,光顾奖励


Selection of promotion mix elements营销传播工具的选择

Various aspects of a product influence a firm’s selection of promotion mix elements.


Firms selling industrial products generally emphasize personal selling in their promotion mixes and use advertising, sales promotion, and publicity to support personal selling efforts.


 For consumer products, advertising is the primary element.


Firms offering consumer convenience products promote them heavily with advertising and sales promotion.


The size, geographic distribution, and demographic characteristics of a firm’s target market greatly influence the choice of promotion elements.


 Personal selling will likely be an important element for the target that has a limited number of potential customers, while advertising and sales promotion usually dominate the promotion mix designed to reach millions of people at a low cost per person,


similarly, personal selling is generally more practical when a firm’s customers are concentrated in a small area; advertising and sales promotion, which are much more flexible, can be easily geared to markets in any geographic region whether small and precisely defined or large.


A target market’s demographics- age, income, education, social class, occupation—also influence the promotion mix.


A firm marketing to teenagers would emphasize advertising, especially on television, but rely less on personal selling, sales promotion, or publicity.


 A firm targeting educated, financially well off consumers aged 35 and older would use personal selling, advertising, and perhaps, publicity but not consumer sales promotion activities, since coupons, refunds, and sweepstakes are more important to lower-and middle-income families.




(1)  What do you think is the basic objective underlying all promotion?


I think it’s to provide information. Firms want to tell customers about themselves as well as what products are available, where they can be purchased, and for what prices.


(2)  What do you think are the most commonly used advertising media?


They are newspapers, television, direct mail, radio, magazines, and out-door displays.


(3)  Do you think advertising cost-effective?(Why?/Why not?)


I don’t think so, because advertising especially using national media with immense audiences is very expensive.


(4)  What do you think companies use sales promotion?


Sales promotion can provide direct incentives to customers, motivate sales-people, and stimulate dealers to be interested and involved in distributing a product.


PART TWO: Mini-presentation

What is important when…

Promoting a product        促销产品时应该注意哪些要点?

l  Advertising              广告

l  Sales promotion         促销活动


                When promoting a product, advertising is very important. It can reach millions of people at a low cost per person. By placing an ad with a mass medium, such as television, radio, newspaper, and magazines, etc., a company can aim at its target market and promote a product effectively.

It addition to advertising, sales promotion is also important. Companies can use coupons, free samples, premiums, trading stamps, loyalty schemes, contests, point-of-sale displays and trade shows, etc. to attract existing and potential customers and boost the sales of a product.

Apart from the two points, I think direct marketing is also important, direct mail, telephone, and the internet are nowadays used by companies to promote a product.



Promoting a Product

Your company has launched a new medicine into market and now decides to increase sales. You have been asked for your views about how to promote the product. Discuss the situation together, and decide:

l  what are the promotional strategies

l  what promotional gifts can be offered and what are the cost and quality of promotional gifts



l  应采取哪些促销策略

l  可以提供哪些促销礼品,他们的成本和质量应如何

AI think the most effective promotional strategy is advertising, since advertising can reach large audiences in a wide area.

B: I agree with you. Our product is a new product, we should tell customers that we have launched a new medicine and what kinds of diseases it cures. Advertising can fulfill all these objectives very well.

A: That’s right. We should place an ad on television or in a national newspaper, in that way, a large number of people will know our product, although the advertising will be expensive.

B: That’s true. We can also put up posters and arrange point-of-sale displays to attract potential customers.

A: Apart from advertising, we can also promote our medicine by personal selling. We can employ some experienced salespeople to sell the medicine to hospitals and chemist’s shops.

B: Yes, personal selling would be very effective for promoting our product. In addition, we can also use sales promotion to boost sales.

A: We can offer promotional gifts to customers who buy this medicine. Any idea for what gifts to offer? I don’t think we should spend a lot of money on gifts, so we may offer small gifts.

B: Yes, we can’t afford very expensive gifts. I think we may offer umbrellas and T-shirts, etc., they are cheap and it will be easy for us to advertise our product on these gifts.

A: That’s good idea. And I think we can also offer raincoats with our product’s ad on to customers. In rainy days, the ad is quite eye-catching.

B: What about the quality of these promotional gifts? Do you think they should be of high quality?

A: Yes, high quality signals good image of our company. If these gifts are of low quality, customers may have low opinions of our company, and of course, it will affect the sales of the product.

B: I’m quite with you on that. If these gifts are of durable materials, then, they may bear our product ad longer and I think it will help boost the sales.

Follow-up questions

(1)    What do you think is an effective strategy for image building?


Publicity is an effective strategy for image building.


(2)    Will you be a salesperson?(Why?/Why not?)


Yes, because sales representatives can get substantial financial rewards.


(3)    Do you think the use of coupons effective in promoting sales?


Yes, coupons can encourage consumers to try new products and reverse a decline in sales of a product.

(4)    What do you think are the most common promotion methods?


I think they are coupons, rebates, samples, gifts, trading stamps, contests and sweepstakes.


(5)    What are the advantages of positive publicity?


A newspaper or magazine article or television or radio broadcast can reach large and diverse audiences at no cost to an organization.

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