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托福写作话题词汇-写作必备抽象词(二): exceed v. 超过,超出 例句 2. At that time, the circulation of weekly magazines exceeded that of newspapers. 在那个时代,周刊的发行量超过了报纸。 同义 surpass(v. 超越)

  exceed  v. 超过,超出

  例句 2. At that time, the circulation of weekly magazines exceeded that of newspapers. 在那个时代,周刊的发行量超过了报纸。

  同义 surpass(v. 超越)

  要点 surpass和exceed 含义相近,但surpass主要是“胜过”的意思;短语go beyond也有类似含义,既可以表示空间层面上的“翻过,越过”,也可以表示抽象意义的“超越”,比如:What he did went beyond the law.

  extremely[ik'stri:mli]ad. 极端地,非常地

  例句 In extremely cold conditions, make sure there is no problem with heat supply. 在极度寒冷的环境下要确保供暖没有问题。

 essential[]a. 基本的;本质的;重要的

  例句 1. In our society, it is essential for one to have the basic skills of reading and writing to survive. 在我们这个社会,一个人必须要学会阅读和写作的基本技能才能生存。

  2. Calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth. 钙对保持骨骼和牙齿健康至关重要。

  同义 substantive(a. 实质的)

  要点 essential在写作中多用“重要的”这个词义,可以用来描述某一事物的重要性,比如以下句型:It was absolutely essential to...。

  eventually[]ad. 终于,最后

  例句 In this way, we will benefit from each other and our society will develop rapidly eventually. 以这种方式,我们能够为彼此带来好处,而社会最终会得以迅速发展。

  要点 eventually在表示“终于”的时候,暗含“在经过一系列的问题和波折之后,终于…”的意思,比如:I found him in the room eventually.

emphasize[]v. 强调;着重

  例句 1. Maybe parents' negative role in shaping children's personality should be emphasized. 或许应该强调父母在塑造孩子个性方面起到的消极作用。

  2. The story emphasized that courage can make a hero out of an ordinary man. 这个故事强调勇气能使一个平凡的人成为英雄。

  同义 stress(v. 强调)

  派生 overemphasize(v. 过分强调)

  要点 在强调某一事物的重要性时,可以用上这个句型:The importance of... should be emphasized.(应该强调…的重要性。)如果要表示某件事曾经被强调过,则可以说:It has been emphasized that...。

  enormous  a. 巨大的,极大的

  例句 Although tourism has many negative side-effects, it is an industry that creates enormous job opportunities. 尽管旅游业有许多消极的负作用,但也创造了巨大的就业机会。

  同义 massive(a. 巨大的)

  要点 enormous可以形容“程度之深、之大”,比如:enormous influence(巨大的影响)。


  foremost[]a. 最先的;最好的;最重要的

  例句 1. It is these pioneers who let the country become the foremost one in the world. 这些先驱使该国成为了世界最先进的国家。

  2. He is among the foremost pianists of today. 他是我们这个时代第一流的钢琴家之一。

  fundamental[]a. 基础的;根本的;十分重要的 n. 基本原则

  例句 1. In colleges, we learn fundamental knowledge which is needed in our future career. 在大学中,我们学习那些日后工作中所需的基础知识。

  2. Today, our society is in a throe of fundamental change. 如今,我们的社会正在经历根本性改变的剧痛。

  同义 basic(a. 基础的);primary(a. 基本的)

  furthermore[]ad. 此外,再者,而且

  例句 Studying alone means there are no distractions around you. Furthermore, it has another advantage that studying with others does not have. 独自学习意味着周围没有什么能使你分心。此外,独自学习还有的另一个优势是与其他人一起学习所不具备的。

  handful[]n. 一把;少数,少量

  例句 In the past, archaeology was funded mostly by the government, but the government only allowed archaeologists to investigate a handful of the most important sites, thus hundreds of other projects were laid aside without support. 过去,考古是由政府出资资助的,但政府只允许考古学家们探究一小部分最重要的遗址,这样就使其他的大量项目因缺少资助而搁置了。

  要点 表示“少数”的时候,除了常用的a few/little以外,还可以用更地道的表达a handful of,这个短语既可以修饰复数形式的可数名词,也可以修饰不可数名词。

  identical[]a. 相同的;同一的;相等的

  例句 Even the interests and hobbies of the most intimate friends are not always identical. 即使是最亲密朋友的兴趣和爱好也并不总是完全相同的。

  同义 selfsame(a. 完全相同的)

  要点 identical这个词的含义等于exactly alike,但identical更能体现作者对语言的把握程度。

  implicit[]a. 含蓄的;内含的;暗示的

  例句 1. The so-called implicit learning is that children copy some of their parents' habits and behaviors without knowing. 所谓隐性学习就是指孩子在无意间模仿父母的习惯和举止。

  2. Obviously, what we want from this problem is not just an implicit answer. 显然,我们对这个问题的期望不仅是一个含蓄的回答。

  同义 implied(a. 暗指的)

  反义 explicit(a. 外在的)

  incidental[?insi'dentl]a. 偶然的;附带的;次要的

  例句 This result is just incidental to this research, but it answers the question that puzzled the scientists for a long time. 这个结果只是这一研究的附带收获,但是却解答了这个困扰了科学家们很长时间的疑问。

  inclusion[]n. 包括,包含;(细胞原生质的)内含物

  例句 With my effort, I finally become an inclusion in this team. 凭借我的努力,我最终成为了那个队伍中的一员。

  inconsistent[]a. 不一致的;矛盾的

  例句 There is something inconsistent with the words they said before. 这与他们之前的说法有一些不一致的地方。

  incredible[]n. 惊人的,难以置信的

  例句 1. People in ancient times could not imagine that computers would play such an incredible role in our daily life. 或许古时候的人们无法想象电脑在我们的日常生活中起到了如此令人难以置信的作用。

  2. If we spend money like water, the bills we get every month would be incredible. 如果我们挥金如土,那么每个月收到的账单肯定会很惊人。

  要点 incredible表示“难以置信的”,而不是指事物“不能相信”。这个词通常用来表示感叹,在口语中也常用It's incredible!来表达惊叹之情。

  indicate[]v. 指出,表明;象征

  例句 1. This also indicates that people who work hard may not get the recognition they deserve. 这也表明那些辛勤工作的人们并不总能得到应有的认可。

  2. When speaking in front of a group of people, our tone may indicate the unsureness or fear in us. 在一群人面前说话时,我们的语气可能会显示我们的犹豫或恐惧。

  同义 point(v. 表明)

  要点 在举例阐述自己观点的时候,可以用It indicates that...这个句型,表明某一事例揭示了何种现象。另外,举例时也可以用上evidence,比如:Let me adduce more evidence...,其中adduce意为“引证”。

  indispensable[]a. 必不可少的

  例句 1. Face-to-face communication is indispensable in developing a relationship. 在发展一段关系的过程中,面对面的交流是必不可少的。

  2. Sometimes, surveys are considered to be indispensable sources of information. 有时候调查被认为是必不可少的信息来源。

  要点 表达“必要的”这一含义时,常用It is necessary...,而indispensable的程度要比necessary更深,意为“不可或缺的”。

  instantaneous[]a. 瞬间的,即刻的,立即的

  例句 1. Doing surveys online enables instantaneous feedback. 进行在线调查可以保证立刻得到反馈信息。

  2. Maybe we can't give an instantaneous reply to this issue. 或许对于这个问题,我们无法马上给出答复。

  integral[]a. 不可或缺的;完整的

  例句 1. There are some big fans of music who regard music as an integral part of their life. 一些音乐狂热爱好者将音乐看做他们生活中不可或缺的一部分。

  2. This style is integral to the foundations of modern dance. 这种风格是现代舞不可或缺的组成部分。

  interior[]a. 内部的;内地的 n. 内部;[the ~]内陆

  例句 Some of the Earth's interior heat will escape to the surface when a volcano erupts. 火山喷发时地球内部的一些热量会散发到地表。

  manifest  v. 表明;证明 n. 货物清单 a. 明显的

  例句 1. It has been manifested in the above argument that the statement“only people who earn a lot of money are successful”is objected by many people. 上述的论据已经表明“只有赚取到巨大财富的人才是成功的”这一说法受到了许多人的反对。

  2. The contradiction manifested itself under this circumstance. 在这种形势下,这个矛盾显示了出来。

  meaningful[]a. 意味深长的;有用意的

  例句 1. In present day, there is an increasing number of people who hope to spend their spare time in a more meaningful way. 当下,越来越多的人希望能以更有意义的方式度过他们的业余时间。

  2. With money, one can meet the material demands of life, and do something meaningful to benefit others. 人们可以利用金钱满足生活中的物质需求,并做一些有意义的事来给他人带来益处。

  3. The most meaningful experience I had abroad is to communicate with people from different cultures. 我在国外最有意义的经历就是与来自其他文化背景的人们交流。

  反义 meaningless(a. 无意义的;无价值的)

  mention[]v. 提及,说起

  搭配 not to mention 且不说

  例句 1. For me, it is difficult to concentrate on a book for one hour, not to mention sitting in the library for a whole day. 对我来说,集中精神读一小时书都很困难,更不用说在图书馆里坐一整天了。

  2. In this passage, I want to mention another achievement in the field of information. 在这篇文章中,我想谈论信息领域中的另一个成就。

  minimize[]v. 将…减到最少;最小化

  例句 After the disaster, the government is supposed to take measures to minimize the dangers of insect infestation and other possible consequences. 灾难过后,政府应该采取措施将昆虫滋生以及其他可能的问题减少到最小。

  minor[]a. 较小的;未成年的;次要的 n. 未成年人;辅修科目 v.(大学中的)辅修

  例句 1. In conclusion, despite some minor drawbacks, compared with driving your own car, using mass transportation is a wise choice. 总之, 除了个别缺点之外,与自驾车相比,使用大众交通工具是一个明智的选择。

  2. Getting up early is only a minor problem for me. 早起对我来说只是个小问题。

  同义 lesser(a. 较小的);subordinate(a. 次要的)

  necessarily[]ad. 必要地;必需地;必定地

  例句 1. Cleaning up a forest after a fire or a storm does not necessarily create a suitable environment for tree growth. 在火灾或暴风雨后清理森林并不一定会为树木生长创造合适的环境。

  2. Even in an open contest, they might not necessarily perform better. 即使是在公开竞赛的情况下,他们也不一定能做得更好。

  negligible[]a. 可以忽略的;微不足道的;无关紧要的

  例句 You cannot ignore these problems and think that they are negligible. 你不能忽视这些问题,并认为这些问题是微不足道的。

  nevertheless[]ad./conj. 然而,不过

  例句 1. Nevertheless, making phone calls is more popular than sending e-mails since it is the most common means of communication. 然而,打电话仍比发送电子邮件更为普遍,因为这是最常见的沟通方式。

  2. She nevertheless urged men to treat their spouses as equals. 她仍然督促男性平等地对待自己的配偶。

  normally[]ad. 通常地;正常地

  例句 Normally I wouldn't feel conceited even though I get good grades. 通常就算得到好成绩,我也不会感到骄傲。

  obviously[]ad. 显然;明白地

  例句 It is obviously important to have the ability to read and write; otherwise we will meet problems when finding jobs. 显然,拥有读写能力是十分重要的,否则在找工作的过程中会遇到麻烦。

  要点 obviously用来描述明显为人所知的事实,也可以用As everyone knows...或者It is known to everybody...这类表达。

  occasionally[]ad. 偶然地;不时地

  例句 Children can help their parents with chores such as tidying up their own rooms, doing their own laundry, or setting the table occasionally. 孩子可以帮助父母做一些杂活,比如偶尔整理自己的房间、清洗自己的衣服,或者摆好碗筷等。

  occur[]v. 发生;出现;存在于;被想起

  例句 1. I made this quick decision based on a lot of reasons that let me know it would occur later. 我迅速作出这个决定基于许多原因,这些原因让我知道这件事不久将会发生。

  2. In this region, most manufacturing occurred in relatively small workshops. 在这个地区,多数生产活动是在相对较小的工坊里进行的。

  opposite[]a. 对立的;相反的 n. 对立面 prep. 在…的对面

  例句 However, for this matter, many people would rather stick to an opposite view. 然而在这件事情上,许多人宁愿坚持一个完全相反的观点。

  同义 contrary(a. 对立的)

  要点 表示“相反的”,还可以用contrary to...,但是这个用法只能用来指事,不能像opposite一样还可以表示“位置相反”。

  otherwise[]ad. 另外;在其他方面 conj. 要不然,否则

  例句 As a university student, having the ability to balance our life is necessary. Otherwise, we have to spend leisure time to do the assignments. 作为一名大学生,有必要具备平衡生活的能力,否则就可能要花费休闲时间来完成课业。

  outcome[]n. 结果,成果

  例句 There are many factors that could affect the outcome of the experiment. 有许多因素都可能会影响实验结果。

  同义 consequence(n. 结果)

  outweigh[]v. 超过;比…重要

  例句 1. If all the factors are considered, we can safely draw the conclusion that the advantages of taking a subway to work outweigh the disadvantages. 如果考虑所有的因素,我们完全可以得到这样的结论:乘坐地铁上班的优点胜过其缺点。

  2. There is no denying the advantages of the plan outweigh the disadvantages. 毫无疑问,该计划的优点胜过缺点。

  要点 The advantages of...outweigh the disadvantages.是一个很实用的句型,可以用来对比某一事物的优点和缺点。

  personally[]ad. 亲自地;就自己而论

  例句 Everything has its value, and personally I think multimedia facilities play an important role in teaching. 任何事物都有其价值,而我个人认为多媒体设备在教学中起着重要的作用。

  possibility[]n. 可能,可能性

  例句 When manual workers are doing their jobs, they will devote all their energy and time in them, which allows the possibility of the creation of the best works. 当手工制作者们开始他们的工作时,他们会投入全部的精力和时间,这使创作出最好的作品成为可能。





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