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托福写作话题词汇-文体娱乐篇(二):dazzle v. 使眼花缭乱;使赞叹不已 n. 耀眼炫目搭配 the dazzle of publicity 令人眼花缭乱的宣传 例句 1. Advertisements often introduce the property of a product in a dazzling way. 广告通常会用一种令人眼花缭乱的方式介绍一件产品的特性。

  dazzle  v. 使眼花缭乱;使赞叹不已 n. 耀眼炫目

  搭配 the dazzle of publicity 令人眼花缭乱的宣传

  例句 1. Advertisements often introduce the property of a product in a dazzling way. 广告通常会用一种令人眼花缭乱的方式介绍一件产品的特性。

  2. I was dazzled by the amazing dance and music. 令人惊异的舞蹈和音乐使我赞叹不已。

  devote  v. 为…付出;献身于

  搭配 devote to 为…付出

  例句 1. If children devote themselves in practicing sports, it is obvious that they cannot focus on schoolwork at the same time. 如果孩子全身心地投身于运动训练中,那么很显然他们就无法把注意力同时集中在家庭作业上。

  2. They can devote themselves entirely to the composition of prose literature. 他们能完全投入到散文创作之中。

  同义 dedicate(v. 致力于)

  要点 dedicate也有“致力于”的意思,多指事业上的投入,程度比devote低。

  diversify v.(使)多样化;使不同

  例句 1. With the aid of modern technology, the world is diversified and becomes more colorful. 在现代技术的帮助下,这个世界变得多样化,而且越来越多姿多彩。

  2. I'm trying to diversify my hobbies to enrich my spare time. 我正在试着培养各种各样的兴趣爱好以丰富我的空闲时间。

  diversion  n. 娱乐;转移;转换

  搭配 creat a diversion 分散注意力,声东击西

  例句 1. Most people realize that television is just a temporary diversion and it is not able to replace interpersonal communication. 大多数人意识到,电视只能暂时分散我们的注意力,而不能代替人际沟通。

  2. Statistics present that there was a diversion of funds from the manufacture to food industry. 统计数据显示有资金从制造业转向了食品工业。

  同义 recreation(n. 消遣);entertainment(n. 娱乐)

  ease  n. 不费力;悠闲,自在 v. 宽慰;减轻

  例句 1. It is needless to say that a university degree still cannot help a person gain his ends with more ease. 不用说,拥有大学学历也不能帮助一个人更容易地达到他的目标。

  2. The government is taking measures to ease the traffic congestion of this city. 政府正在采取措施以缓解这座城市的交通拥堵问题。

  elaborate  a. 精心制作的;复杂精美的

  例句 They designed elaborate ceremonies and religious rituals to bring rain. 他们设计了复杂的典礼和宗教仪式来求雨。

  同义 ornate(a. 华丽的);complex(a. 复杂的)

  elegant  a. 优美的;雅致的;简练的

  例句 1. If a person dresses in clean suit and wears polished shoes, his gesture would be elegant. 如果一个人穿着干净整洁的衣服和铮亮的鞋子,那么他的举止也会是优雅的。

  2. The glass wares of this style are elegant in outline. 这种风格的玻璃器皿有着雅致的轮廓。

  entity  n. 实体,存在物;事物的存在

  例句 1. Is God a personal entity as the religions claim? 上帝真的如同宗教宣传的那样真实存在吗?

  2. A corporation is considered as an entity in the law. 法人在法律上被视为一个实体。

  excavation  n. 挖掘,发掘;出土文物

  例句 The excavations of the mound revealed a surprisingly large amount of broken pots. 挖掘土丘的时候挖出了损坏的壶,数量之大令人惊异。

  exemplary  a. 模范的;典型的

  例句 1. During the Jin Dynasty, a boy named Wu Meng served his parents in exemplary filial piety even though he was just eight years old. 晋朝时,一个名叫吴猛的男孩对父母的孝行成为了典范,即使他那时只有8岁。

  2. The exemplary function of the heroes in literary works seems to last forever. 文学作品中主人公的模范作用似乎是永久的。

  exotic  a. 外来的;由外国引进的;奇异的

  例句 A botanical garden will be built here where exotic flowers are grown. 这里将要建造一个植物园,里面种植奇花异草。

  同义 strange(a. 奇异的)

  要点 exotic可以表示“奇异的”,但主要强调一种“外来的异国情调”;而strange则着重指“前所未见的事物”。

  fabricate  v. 编造;制造;伪造

  例句 1. Even though the original entry in the online encyclopedia is correct, it also gives unscrupulous users and hackers opportunity to fabricate, delete, and corrupt the information in the encyclopedia. 即便在线百科的原始词条是正确的,它也给不讲道德的用户和黑客提供了编造、删除和破坏百科全书中信息的机会。

  2. I think that writers should tell the truth about love but not fabricate romance. 我认为作家应该讲述关于爱情的真相,而不应编造浪漫故事。

  同义 construct(v. 建造);manufacture(v. 制造)

  要点 fabricate偏重于“编造;伪造”的意思,在使用时需要注意它是含有贬义色彩的。

  fabulous  a. 寓言式的;难以置信的;极好的

  例句 1. These teams get fabulous profits from radio and television ads, as well as the souvenirs sold at the concession stands. 这些参赛队伍从电台和电视广告以及特许经营摊位的纪念品销售中获得了丰厚的利润。

  2. His descriptions about the scenes he met in his trip were fabulous. 他对旅途中所见之事的描述太绝妙了。

  fiction  n. 小说;虚构,编造

  例句 1. For some people, reading fiction is more enjoyable than watching movies, such as novels and short stories. 对于一些人来说,阅读虚构作品比观看电影更加享受,比如小说以及短篇故事。

  2. Such claim makes it difficult for the general public to distinguish fact from fiction. 这种声明使一般公众很难分辨虚实。

  gallery  n. 画廊,美术馆;走廊

  例句 1. To relax myself, I often go to the zoo, museums, art galleries and concerts. 为了放松自己,我经常去动物园、博物馆、画廊以及音乐会。

  2. For the art exhibition, the gallery is a good place. 美术馆是举办这场艺术展的好地点。

  genius  n. 天才;天赋

  例句 1. The inventive genius may inspire someone by giving speeches, because compared with studying in classroom, it is more easily to acquire knowledge in this way. 有发明才能的天才也许可以通过发表演讲来鼓舞人们,因为比起在教室里学习,通过这种方式获得知识要更加容易。

  2. They insisted that the Iliad and the Odyssey could have been the work of the same poetic genius. 他们坚持认为《伊利亚特》和《奥德赛》可能出自同一个天才诗人之手。

  同义 talent(n. 天赋)

  要点 talent和genius的含义比较类似,都可以表示“天才”,两者的细微差别是genius多指“在某个学科方面天生的才能”,而talent则是“做某事的天赋”,主要偏向艺术方面,比如:artistic talent(艺术才能)。

  heritage  n. 遗产;传统;继承物

  搭配 World Cultural Heritage 世界文化遗产

  例句 African Americans were urged by Locke to develop their cultural heritage. 洛克鼓励美国黑人发扬他们自己的文化传统。

  同义 legacy(n. 遗产);tradition(n. 传统)

  要点 heritage主要指“文化遗产”,即国家或文化长期以来形成的历史、传统和特色,比如:... is a part of our national heritage.

  hockey  n. 曲棍球;冰球

  搭配 hockey final 冰球决赛

  例句 I've heard the news that a girl was killed by a puck during a hockey game. 我听到这样一条新闻:一个女孩在冰球比赛中被冰球击中身亡。

  illuminate  v. 照亮;阐明;启发

  例句 1. Her face seems to be illuminated by the dim light from the window. 她的面庞似乎是被窗口里的昏暗灯光照亮了。

  2. The light illuminates the scales of the fish under the boat. 灯光照亮了船底的鱼的鳞片。

  imagination  n. 想象,想象力;幻觉

  例句 They take our minds off troubles, and tell us how beautiful and exciting our imaginations can be. 它们能使我们忘掉烦恼,并告诉我们想象力是可以多么有魅力和刺激。

  imitate  n. 模仿;仿制

  例句 When children are playing games, they often imitate the things that occur in the adults' society. 当孩子们做游戏的时候,他们通常会模仿发生在成人社会中的事情。

  indulge  v. 沉溺,肆意从事;允许(某人)延期付款

  例句 1. A great number of people admit that they have indulged in video games or online games at some point in their lives. 许多人都承认,在他们人生的某个阶段都沉迷过电子游戏或者线上游戏。

  2. It is not wise to indulge the children with what they want. 给孩子一切他们想要的东西是不明智的。

  派生 indulgence(n. 放纵)

  innate  a. 天生的,固有的;直觉的

  例句 1. At most of time, too much homework cannot help the students with their study, but on contrary bores them, even makes them lose their innate interest to study. 多数时候,太多的家庭作业对孩子的学习不但没有帮助,相反,还会让他们感到厌烦,甚至使他们丧失与生俱来的学习兴趣。

  2. I think that the ability to perform and dance may be innate. 我认为表演和舞蹈的能力可能是天生的。

  同义 inborn(a. 天生的)

  intuition[]n. 直觉;由直觉获知的知识

  例句 To gain dominance in the market, companies must employ the best-skilled workers who have deeper understanding of computer systems and good intuition about the future. 为了在市场上占据主导地位,各公司必须雇用最有技能的员工,他们要对计算机系统有更深刻的理解,对未来有良好的直觉。

  lament v. 哀叹;痛惜 n. 挽歌,悼词

  例句 You might lament or smile when you are facing the difficulties in your life. 当你遇到生活中的困难时,你也许会哀叹,也许会微笑。

  同义 moan(v. 呻吟;抱怨)

  要点 写作的时候,也可以用moan来表达“抱怨”的意思,但moan更多偏重表达“呻吟的声音”。

  landscape  n. 风景;地貌;风景画 v. 美化

  例句 In the new version, the figures become more stylized and the landscapes appear to be less naturalistic. 在新版本中,人物变得更加风格化,而风景却显得不再那么写实。

  同义 landform(n. 地形)

  liberal  a. 自由的,思想开明的;慷慨的

  例句 1. Sometimes we may be conservative, while at other times we may be more liberal. 有些时候我们也许会比较保守,而另外一些时候我们也许会更自由开放。

  2. The liberal thoughts will bring much more inspiration to you. 自由的思想会为你带来更多灵感。

  literature  n. 文学;文学作品;文献

  搭配 Nobel Prize for Literature 诺贝尔文学奖

  例句 1. However, there is a dramatic decline in the time spent on reading, especially in terms of literature. 然而,花在阅读上的时间大幅下降,尤其是文学方面的书籍。

  2. This author had the strongest influence on American children's literature of this period. 这名作家对这一时期的美国儿童文学影响最大。

  magnificent a. 极好的;华丽的;高尚的

  例句 1. It is a great enjoyment to study in a library in a magnificent building. 在豪华大楼中的图书馆里学习是一种极大的享受。

  2. Although the younger do not have much experience, they also do not have many restrictions, so even they make mistakes very often, they also can make magnificent achievements. 尽管年轻人没有那么多的经验,但他们也没有太多的限制,因此即使他们经常犯错,也能取得极好的成绩。

  同义 wonderful(a. 极好的);gorgeous(a. 华丽的);lofty(a. 崇高的)

  要点 在写作中,如果想表达“极好的,出色的”,还可以用wonderful,gorgeous,amazing,incredible等词来使表达更丰富。

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