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在线学习纯正美语:第9课 选校风云: Its Up to You ACT I :I thought you might be hungry. 我想你大概饿了。 I brought you a chicken sandwich and a glass of milk. 我替你带来一份鸡肉三明治和一杯牛奶。 I am hungry. 我真是饿了。

走遍美国讲解版视频 第9课  Its Up to You ACT I

走遍美国文本 第9课 ACT I

Who is it? 是谁?
Dad. 爸爸。
Come on in, Dad. 请进来,爸爸。
I thought you might be hungry. 我想你大概饿了。
I brought you a chicken sandwich and a glass of milk. 我替你带来一份鸡肉三明治和一杯牛奶。
I am hungry. 我真是饿了。
Thanks, Dad. 谢谢,爸爸。
What time is it, anyway? 几点了,顺便问一下?
Ten o'clock. 十点钟。
What are you working on? 你在干什么?
I'm writing a story for the high-school paper. 我正在为高中校刊写篇东西。
Can't you finish it tomorrow? 你明天完成它不行吗?
No, I have to turn it in in the morning. 不行,明天上午我要交上去。
What's it about? 是关于什么的?
I'm writing an article on the feelings about graduation. 我在写一篇关于毕业感觉的文章。
And ... how do you feel? 那……你的感觉是什么?
Me? 我吗?
A little scared. 有点害怕。
And excited, too. 也很兴奋。
I felt the same way. 我当时也有这种感觉。
The scary part's leaving home and moving to college. 害怕的是要离开家到学校去。
Oh, leaving home is part of growing up. 呵,离开家是成熟过程的一部分。
Well, don't work all night. 好啦,别通宵工作。
I don't mind. 我不在乎。
I enjoy writing. 我喜欢写作。
Well, 那么,
maybe you should think about becoming a writer. 也许你应该考虑成为一名作家。
Maybe I should. 也许我该这样。
You have lots of time to decide. 你有很多时间做决定。
That's the worst part--making decisions. 最伤脑筋的是做决定。
You'll be OK. 你不会有问题的。
Good night, Son. 晚安,孩子。
Good night, Dad. 晚安,爸爸。
"Hail to the victors valiant, “向勇敢的胜利者致敬。
Hail to the conquering heroes, 向进取的英雄们致敬,
Hail, Hail to Michigan, 致敬,向Michigan致敬,
The champions of the West!" 西部的优胜者 !”
Ah, good morning, Robbie. 啊,早安,Robbie。
Good morning, Dad. 早安,爸爸。
How's my grandson? 我的孙子怎样啦?
Fine, Grandpa. Fine! 很好,爷爷。很好!
What's all the cheering about? 这么高兴是为什么?
Did the University of Michigan win another football game? 是不是Michigan大学赢得了一场足球赛
Better than that. 比那种事更值得高兴。
Tell him, Philip. 告诉他,Philip。
I just spoke with Charley Rafer. 我刚和Charley Rafer通了电话。
Who's Charley Rafer? 谁是Charley Rafer?
He's the Dean of Admissions for the University of Michigan. 他是Michigan大学招生办主任。
And it turns out he's a classmate of Philip's. 有意思的是,他和Philip是同班同学。
We were both on the tennis team. 我们都是网球队的成员。
Great! 真棒!
It is great. 的确是太好了。
He's going to be in New York tomorrow 明天他要在纽约
to interview applicants for admission. 与申请入学者面谈。
And he's agreed to fit you into his schedule. 他同意明天把你安排进他的名单 。
But I may not want to go to Michigan. 但是我可能不去Michigan。
It's one of the best schools in the country, Robbie. 这是全国最好的大学之一,Robbie。
I studied medicine there. 我在那儿学医学。
Your grandfather went to the Engineering School there. 你爷爷进那儿的工学院。
I know that, but ... 这我知道,但是……
You said you wanted to be a doctor like your father. 你说过你希望像爸爸一样成为一名医生。
Not exactly. 还不一定。
You couldn't pick a finer medical school than Michigan. 你再也找不到一所比Michigan大学更好的医学院了。
Yes, I know that. 是的,我知道。
Let's meet with Charley at the university club. 我们就去大学俱乐部见Charley吧。
Ten o'clock tomorrow morning. 明早十点钟。
It doesn't mean you're going to Michigan. 这并不是说你就要上Michigan大学。
It doesn't mean you have to be a doctor. 也并不意味着你一定要当医生。
But the interview will be good experience for you. 但这次面谈对你来讲是一次很好的经验。
In that case, it's OK. 这么说,我就去。
Dad, growing up means 爸爸,长大了意味
making my own decisions, doesn't it? 我自己能做决定,对吧?
You're right, Robbie. 你说得对,Robbie。
But, like your Grandpa suggested, 但是,照你爷爷所建议的
have the interview. 去参加这次面谈。
And then make your own decision. 然后你自己做决定。
That sounds fine. 这样听起来蛮好的。
I know it's sudden, Robbie, 我知道这件事很突然,Robbie。
but this is an important opportunity. 但这是一次很重要的机会。
We'll head down there first thing tomorrow morning. 明早第一件事就是这。
OK? 好吗?
Sure, Dad. 一定,爸爸。
I want you to know something, Son. 我希望你知道一件事,孩子。
I'm ... very proud of you. 我很……以你为荣。
Thanks, Dad. 谢谢你,爸爸。
Well, I've got an appointment at the hospital. 好啦,我在医院有个会。
I'll see you all at dinnertime. 吃晚饭时见面了。
Bye, Dad. 再见,爸爸。
Is something still wrong, Robbie? 还有什么不对的,Robbie?
I'll be OK. 没什么。
Going away to college for the first time 第一次离家上大学
always makes one a little nervous. 总是让人有些紧张。
I guess so. 我猜是这样。
I'll be OK. I just need time to think. 我会适应的。我只是需要时间思考。
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